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Note: Catfood.AmbientOrb.dll is not thread safe.

Basic control is very easy. Just create the appropriate OrbController and call Update() to set the color and animation speed. See the Web Developer's Kit (PDF) for charts showing the possible colors and animation values.

// for pager control, the parameter is the Device ID on the bottom of the Orb
OrbController orb = new OrbPagerController("111-222-333");

// for serial control, the parameter is the COM port that the Orb is connected to
OrbController orb = new OrbSerialController("COM1");

// update - color (0-36) and animation speed (0-9)
orb.Update(0, 9);

// dispose when you're finished with the Orb

The pager update uses Ambient's very simple web service. Serial control is more fun - you can override the default behavior for the Orb's buttons and you can change colors very quickly without waiting for the Orb to receive a pager message.

OrbSerialController orb = new OrbSerialController("COM1");
orb.OrbButtonChanged += new EventHandler<OrbButtonsEventArgs>(orb_OrbButtonChanged);
orb.SetButtonsEnabled(false); // disable default button behavior

XML documentation is included for the library.

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