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Project Description
Supports controlling an Ambient Orb device via the pager network or a serial port connection.

The library contains an abstract base class (OrbController) that can be used to control an Orb regardless of the connection and two concrete classes (OrbPagerController and OrbSerialController).

All you need is an Orb set to the developer channel. For a serial connection you'll need the Ambient Orb Hardware Developer Module.

See the Documentation tab for a quick guide to getting started. The download contains debug and release DLLs and XML documentation together with a sample app that allows you to control an Orb.

If you're looking for inspiration check out Automated Continuous Integration and the Ambient Orb and Ambient Orb MP3 Visualization - Hotel California. I've used my Orb to track revenue and user account creation.

Orb Controller News

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Thursday, January 02, 2014  |  From I Thought He Came With You - orb
 I Thought He Came With You - orb News Feed 

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